RM 9 notes scrambled after import from RM 7 then got errors and froze

Having trouble trying to redo the notes that were scrambled after importing from RM 7. It won’t allow me to delete and redo the note. Told to force close. It happens again and again. Using Mac and Ventura. The notes are good in RM 7 but not in RM 9.

Am assuming you are on v9.0.2. If not, you should upgrade. Other thought is to try redoing the import from RM7 to see if you get the same result.

I’m on v9.0.2. I did upgrade twice. What I need to do is to delete the person and do it all over again, linking to the wife and children. I’ve got too many errors already. Import from RM7…I started doing RM9 for two weeks and already added people and facts so I’m not going back using RM7 import.