RM9 Locking Up when editing Notes

One several occasions today with RM9.0.1 I have had RM lockup completely when editing Notes, not specific any fact or source. Each time required a trip to the task manager. No error message, warning … nothing. Not good.

Yes hello @dennis - I’m having the exact same problem with the latest release (I’m using Windows 11 and downloaded the 64 bit RM version). When using notes the system just freezes and task manager is required to get out of the program. In the last 20 minutes I’ve used notes 3 times and all have frozen. I’m sure the developers will start looking at why this might be so :slight_smile:

Me too. It’s happened 4 times this morning mostly when adding a media file to a citation and trying to enter text in the Media Description: field.

I’ve been using RM9 heavily since it was released and only seem to have come across this problem since the RM9.0.1 update yesterday.

No concurrent running applications are affected. Just RM9 freezing up.

We’re researching what’s happening. Discussion is here - Freezing working with notes in 9.0.1