RM9 Freezes When Sharing a Source and Editing Role from Witness to Daughter

I am using the latest version of RM9 (I can’t check the exact one as my software is frozen right now). I had added a source and was sharing the source with other family members. I wanted to change the role from Witness to Daughter. When editing the role the Edit Role window froze. I have closed all other programs, I have nothing else open and it is still frozen. It may be my Macbook Pro but I’m hoping it isn’t. I don’t want to Force Quit RootsMagic as I need to save changes I have made. When I click on Cancel in the Edit Role Type window I get the spinning ball.

Not sure about MAC as I am on Windows. I have seen a window “hide” behind something else its not always obvious on PC when they occurs and can depending on how many monitors you have.

As far as the database freezing – its the RM datafile in the cloud or in a folder that is in the cloud (iCloud etc) that is syncing can cause issues.


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