Ancestry TreeShare freezes RM* when accepting changes

When I accept updates that I made with Ancestry TreeShare, RM8 freezes and I have to use Task Manager to end RM8 and then restart the program.

Have you tried running the database tools prior to running TreeShare? If so, and you still are having issues, I would suggest contacting support directly. RootsMagic Technical Support

Thank you for the advice. I used the tools, Still have the same issue. Will submit to Tech Support.

RM support suggested turning off the sync to Drop Box or moving the RM8 file back to the hard drive. I moved the file from Drop Box back to my hard drive and Ancestry TreeShare doesn’t freeze anymore.

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RM8 has continued to freeze during Ancestry treeshare so I’ve had the same problem as above. Similar to Dropbox, my data files and folders are on Windows OneDrive. By pausing the Synch on OneDrive, RM8 is no longer freezing during the Treeshare with Ancestry. Glad to find this out since RM kept freezing. With RM7, it rarely froze during Ancestry Treeshare operations.

In January, RM8 restarted freezing during Ancestry Treeshare after 3 or 4 uploads to Ancestry