Spell Checking Entered Notes

When entering information such as a note to a person or a task description, how do you have it spell check?


Sorry, no spell check yet.

Sorry to hear that but your word YET has hope it is intended to be added in. Thank you for your reply.

I am not 100% certain but I think that the spellchecker in RM7 was a 3rd party add-in. The reason I say this is that I seem to recall being able to download and add a British English version of the spellchecker and I doubt RM had the resources to produce this. I gave up with it in the end as I was fed up with the red wiggly lines under words that were not spelt incorrectly. Perhaps this add-in does not work in the new version or I am sure they would have included it along with the British English option.

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I’ll put in a vote for spell check too! I find my typing has deteriorated over the years (as has my handwriting) and I love spellcheck for catching my typos. If there is some way to put in a third-party spell check, I would love to try that. For some long Notes, I can copy to someplace with a spell check and copy back, but that’s not ideal.

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From what I understand the delay is because it has to be re-written to work under both Windows and Mac.