RM9 upgrade - UK version

I’ve never been sure what the difference is but for those of us who use the UK edition, will the upgrade preserve any differences there are or convert to the US version of RM9?

If you buy the RM9 UK upgrade edition (From S&N in the UK or via RootsMagic.co.uk) then everything will be the same. (It does not convert to the US version).

But if you buy the US (Standard) Version from RootsMagic.com then I suspect it might change to the US version.

Just curious, what are the differences between the US and UK versions?

I don’t know but living over here I’ve always bought the UK version in the past.

AFAIK, the only difference in the RM package was whether the US or UK dictionary was the default for spellcheck. But a RM supplied dictionary is no longer part of the package since RM7. The UK vendor upsells bundles (or used to) that included UK oriented data on optical disc.

Thanks Tom
The UK vendor still does that bundle (on USB only) but when you have bought it once there is little incentive to pay their prices for the same old programs.

I bought the download of US standard version BUT the spell check is picking up the US spellings even though my default on Wndows 10 is UK spelling. When I add words with UK spelling they save in the US dictionary. Any ideas how to get it to work properly?

I don’t think there is anything you can do but wait for the US developers to figure out how to make the application pick up your Windows region settings.

Sorry but no idea. I bought a UK update by download from S&N. If it helps to compare against yours the download link that was provided is Download Software - S&N Genealogy Supplies. I don’t know whether it’s worth you downloading that as a trial to see whether the spell check works? If it does maybe your key will work with it.

Thanks for the suggestion. I gave it a try but still get US spellings so maybe it is something to do with my PC settings.

I’m pretty sure that it is the software that is defaulting to the Windows US dictionary which I don’t think you can get rid of. One can add or remove other “language packs”. I added English (Canada) which accepts both “color” and “colour” and RM spellcheck flags the latter, accepts the former.

I have now contacted RM technical support through their online support ‘chat’ link. I was told that ‘development’ is aware of the problem. So I guess that I/we wait for the fix. Thanks for the advice.& comments.

And then as if by magic update comes along and solves this problem. Well done Roots Magician & team.

Thanks Charlie for the download link to S&N. I downloaded the 64bit UK version and (after uninstalling my US version) installed it onto my laptop. It just worked - didn’t even ask me for the username and key. Then I made a test tree and added a single person. I added an Association fact type and was surprised to see that the spelling of the word ‘neighbours’ was still in the American way - ‘neighbors’. So I too wonder what the difference is between the two versions.