Upgrade to RM9 at offered discount rate does not work via UK agent

does not work via UK agent.WHY? and does upgrading using US version allow me to use UK date systems etc

Don’t know about agent, but this user purchased the U.S. version and subsequently uninstalled it, followed by re-install from an S&N UK version download.

I assume that you are in the UK, try getting in touch with S & N, I’ve always found them very helpful. I am still on RM7 but when I have the ‘splash’ screen showing it shows that I am using the UK version. Their 'phone number is 01722 716121.

Thanks for you reply.I had spoken to S&N but they say that RM have not given them the same deal so they do not do it. Obviously that sells more updates with proceeds into USA. Sad really. However i have done nothing about an upgrade as yet due to concern about non GB styles etc.Maybe the difference in price is chicken feed when considered against all the other costs of family history. Will need to think about it when I have time.Mind RM 8 suits my needs so maybe will not bother.

I doubt that the RM download you get from S&N is any different from the US download. It seems to me that they bundle some UK resources independent of RM. Your OS provides the spellchecker dictionary.

Only problem with sticking with RM 8 is that they will never update it, so errors will never be fixed–nor will the kinship report-- only other thing is that at some point, you won’t be able to use Tree Share or Family search-- other than that you should be okay…

The UK version update is usually a little behind the general updates. I get a notification in news when there is an update to the UK version

If you open that news item, it displays:

You can then download the latest UK version, although doubt it will be different to the general update.