Editing General Notes needs updating

I am totally confused as to why this was done this way-- In RM 7, when you wanted to add a note, you clicked on note and an edit screen popped up…
enter the info–hit save and you are done…
In RM 8 and RM 9, everybody on the forum kept talking abt a save or checkmark BUT I wasn’t seeing it-- just a CLOSE
So I would paste or enter my info–hit close and it always saved the note–even when I went back and added additional info on this same page and closed it again-- believe me I checked as I never trusted it without the SAVE-- well today, I finally found the save and cancel WHEN YOU CLICK ON THE MONITOR-- WHY do you have to open another window when you can edit in the first window?

So PLEASE either just move the save and cancel button to the 1st window or
RENAME the 1st window to say something like GENERAL NOTES and put EDIT with an arrow going >

ironically now that I said something i abt it, I can no longer use the paste option under the 3 dots-- it says open in another window BUT can right click and use paste/ paste as plain text and hit close and it still saves it.

2nd editing note update request-- however I paste ( paste as plain text) info into the note should be the way it appears in a report–I do a lot of formatting to get an obit etc to look right–
what I put in there was

and what I got in the report was

It took a lot of editing to get the note in the report back to what I had pasted in there
and in case you are wondering-- I tried paste and paste as plain text on both screens-all of them resulted in the report printing like that-- difference in the way RM 9 formatted the obit in the report and they way my formatted note appeared in the report was a half of a page in length as it was a long obit

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A lot of people are confused as to why things are done the way that they are in RM8 and RM9. Since Bruce and Michael seem to be in love with the hot mess that is the user interface (or so it seems from the interviews that they have done), I really doubt it is going to change any time soon.

I could not replicate this problem. I typed a similar missive into Notepad, copied it to the clipboard and pasted it into a Person (General) note and a Residence fact note with nary a difference in a Individual Summary, Narrative Report or a Family Group Sheet.

I was hoping that you had found a workaround BUT no go-- got the same results
note pad

used the clipboard to paste it into the note-- the info in the general note is formatted EXACTLY the same as notepad BUT the Narrative report comes out again like this

Really funny thing is that I then posted the note back into notepad using the clipboard and the 2nd one was EXACTLY the same as the original— really frustrating as I have a lot of info to add that has already been formatted and now I’m going to have to reformat it or leave it like this.

I’m using a Windows 10 64-bit machine. Is both when pasting -and- when typing the same directly into the Note field because others are not reporting this?

Window 11-- 64 bit-- this is what it looks like when pasted in General note by the way of the clipboard

EXACTLY the same as what I had in notepad–tried hand typing part of it and the Narrative report ended up exactly the same as in previous post…

Maybe others are NOT noticing it yet-- The reason I format it BEFORE pasting it into the notes sections is I learned a long time ago that if you didn’t, it would turn out like the report in the previous post—

this is a small part of info that I originally wrote in an email and pasted the info into the notes section of a different genealogy program a while back— and the formatting is correct even after using gedcoms to transfer it…


On the report side, what are you taking your screenshots from? If they are from the report preview, do you see the same thing in the saved PDF and in the saved DOCX when viewed in their respective and respected applications, i.e., Adobe Reader and MS Word?

I was looking at the preview report–on the one above that talks abt her life in Germany, it was originally formatted in notepad and copied and pasted by way of the clipboard— when saved as a pdf or word document, it turns out the same as the preview-- when saved to a text ( notepad) file, it turns out the same as what was originally formatted in notepad

In Notepad, do you have word wrap turned on or off? If it is turned off, then you have to press where you want a newline to begin, otherwise a paragraph will be entirely one line. Perhaps your “formatting” in Notepad was with word wrapping off and you forced new lines. The report settings may not have left sufficient width for your line to fit on one line so you are getting a word wrap thrown in by the report generator along with the line return you entered a little further along.

That said, I recall from some experiments I did a while ago that the Note Editor and the Reports had issues with where to break a line under certain conditions such as a long unbroken string which might suggest an underlying flaw in the code.

Edited for clarity.

Late to the party because my Internet has been down today. I may be missing something obvious, but it appear to me that the problem is simply that the pasted text is formatted with hard returns but that the lines in the pasted text are longer than can appear in the report.

For example, where it says “I remember a kid taking long walks with him in”, there clearly is a hard return in the pasted text after the word “in”. The report is breaking with a soft return after the word “him” because it is out of space on the line, and then it immediately has to break after the word “in” because of the hard return. So the pasted text is going to need have shorter lines that are delimited by the hard returns or the point size in the report is going to need to be smaller or something like that. Or at least that’s the way it seems from here.

Another option is not to format the pasted text with hard returns and to just let it flow in the RM note except for blank lines for paragraphs. That’s the approach I take. Well, the exception is highly stylized text such as census transcriptions, death certificate transcriptions, etc. where there are a lot of short lines that demand to be terminated with hard returns. With there being a lot of short lines in such transcriptions, RM never really has to supplement the hard returns that are already there by adding soft returns.

I confess to being influenced in this regard by my experience with early publishing systems such as TeX and more recently with composing Web pages using text editors such as Notepad to create raw HTML. Except for stylized text with short lines which need hard returns, it is much better to allow the text to flow with soft returns inserted as needed by the final rendering engine. In this case, the final rendering engine is the RM report generator.


@TomH --I don’t think that notepad has word wrap–and I didn’t format that one-just grabbed a chunk of text and pasted it in there because @kbens0n said he had used notepad and used the clipboard…

and yes I do realize what you are saying on the word wrapping and forced new lines

@thejerrybryan I tried your 2nd approach on abt a 1/4 pages of notes and still ended up with 2 lines that were only one word-- could live with that BUT when I pasted RM’s version into an email, it was no longer formatted-- and I need both to be formatted…

that’s okay–will figure it out Thanks to all especially @thejerrybryan and @TomH

Notepad and RootsMagic notes both (by default) have word wrap on. Cannot change that in RootsMagic. I have no idea about what the cause might be that you’re experiencing, because I can’t reproduce your symptoms. Nor can anybody else, apparently.

In RM 7 I had issues with hard returns in text I copied from pdf documents like newspaper columns, the hard return would cause the RM note to have lines of text only as long as the column it came from if it was shorter, or longer lines were broken into a second line like you are seeing. Fortunately RM7 provided the “Wordwrap selected text (Ctrl+W)” feature in notes that very nicely removed those hard returns. Your problem certainly looks like this.

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