Task note formatting

I’ve found that when I’m typing up the goal / details in a task and use the enter key to create a new paragraph, that the space between the paragraphs disappears upon saving. I then need to return to the goal / details and re-create the space between the paragraphs. Upon the second save, the spaces remain intact.

And when I tried to recreate the issue to take screenshots, more formatting was affected (see below screenshots, before and after - double space created between the first paragraph and space deleted between the second paragraph). Again, returning to the goal / details note, fixing the formatting, and resaving had the effect that everything was corrected.

Seems as if the note editor in the task area does not save everything correctly the first time around.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? If so, is there a work around, or do you think I might be doing something wrong?

(And apologies once again for the explanations provided, I hope it all makes sense). :blush:


I am seeing similar behavior on Fact notes. (mac user)

Upon save, paragraph spacing gets deleted in subsequent paragraphs (not the initial paragraph.) I also see other wierd behavior if I edit the note text using the delete key on anything beyond the initial line of text- the entire text blob does a minor shift. It seems to be altering line spacing.

Thanks so much for confirming @kevinm - since writing the post I’ve experienced issues in other note areas of the system too. I forgot to mention that I’m on Windows 11 so it seems it might be affecting both operating systems. I’m sure development will correct it when they can. :blush:

Confirming issues with notes have been reported to development.

Thanks Renee, and THANK YOU for all your tireless work in helping with the production of RM9, it is so much appreciated!!

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