Fact Notes - Unable to delete empty notes - still happens in certain circumstances RM v9.0.2

This problem still happens under a certain scenario!

If I type a note and then change the words into italics, then select ‘all’ and delete the note then when I exit the notepad the note icon does not disappear! If I then type in a new note it will already in italics . If I change it back to ‘normal’ (non-italic) then delete the text the note icon will then disappear.

The same thing happens if I do it with ‘underline’. But not when I use ‘bold’.

Maybe I’ve got too much spare time :slight_smile:

Interesting. The same behavior occurs on mac, editing a fact note and using italics or underline on the entire note results in not being able to delete the note after deleting all text. Adding more text and setting the font to normal, then select all + delete does delete the note.

One update to your note, I tested this on v9.0.2.

Thanks Kevin - I’ve amended the subject/title to this post to the latest version. I hadn’t noticed it had changed again.

What is happening is that marking text as italics is adding HTML style <i>.....</i> tags around the text. You don’t see the tags. You just see the text as italics. When you delete the text, the tags are still there without the text in between. When you go back into the editor, it starts typing between the tags which is why the text initially is in italics.

Are you doing Ctrl-A to mark all the text to delete, or are you just highlighting the text to delete by dragging the mouse. The Ctrl-A trick should work and I can see how just highlighting the text by dragging the mouse might not.

But I can reproduce your symptoms. Even Ctrl-A to mark all the text to delete does not mark the invisible tags for deletion. It definitely sounds like a bug in the new note editor.


Hi - you answered your own question! :slight_smile: