Did Notes get broken in

When I copy a section of text from the internet, e.g. an obituary from Findagrave, or a location from another web site, the notes editor initially shows it as it was copied from the web site, but upon saving it and reopening the note, it shows the formatting text. e.g.

< font size=3 color= “#202121” face=“Verdana” > "Böhringen, Urach, Württemberg, Germany < /font >

instead of just Böhringen, Urach, Württemberg, Germany.

Is anybody else seeing this? Is there some new setting that can turn this off or is this an outright bug?

Not a bug, you have to either right click and PASTE AS PLAIN TEXT or use paste as plain text under the 3 dots or us Control Shift V

Thanks. That’s new. A rather unfriendly change. Before you could do Ctrl -V, a standard paste and it pasted what it looked like. Now we have to remember to do Ctrl Shift V to see the text without formatting commands.

Actually, the more that I think about it, it has to be a bug. I can get it to paste the text without the formatting with the Ctrl Shift V, but now, the formatting doesn’t come through at all with a standard Ctrl V paste - you get the formatting listed as command text preceding and following the text you want to read, but the commands don’t cause the formatting to appear in the note.

I agree that is a bug. I once encountered this problem, and at that time I wasn’t able to rectify the problem, even though I spent some time trying various things (most frustrating). So that entry is still in my database, and I can’t now trmember where it is, so I can’t now fix it.