Adding Notes to Indivduals

Can anyone please help, when I find data that helps to prove my research, I will highlight it and copy to my Clip-Board, then go to the person in RM8, open the appropriate fact to go to the “Edit Note” page, then whilst moving the cursor up to the top right to go to the three dots – More options>Paste as Plain Text the screen changes to the “Family” page, I now have to click on the name again it takes me to the “Edit Note” page and this then allows me to move the cursor to where ever! Am I doing something wrong?

You are not doing anything wrong. It happens to me, too. I have seen other people comment on it so it must be fairly common. You can click on the person again or click on the name at the bottom of the window where open edits are listed or you can use alt-tab to bring the edit window to the front. It’s an undocumented feature (also known as a bug).

Hi cweese, I really appreciate your prompt reply, and the get-around actions which will be useful, as the problem is most annoying, and you saying I am not on my own. Thank you.

I just did the procedure you listed, “go to the person in RM8, open the appropriate fact to go to the “Edit Note” page, then whilst moving the cursor up to the top right to go to the three dots – More options>Paste as Plain Text”. It pasted the Clip-Board text into the Note directly as it was supposed to. I’m using a Mac M1 and RM version

Hi SccJim, That’s interesting thank you, as I stated I get to the “Edit Note” page, but whilst moving the cursor it changes the page to the “Family” page, at this stage it has not pasted the data. I wonder if you using a Mac M1 makes a difference as I am using Windows10 and the latest RM8.

SccJim and Bobs: I think it is something random. It doesn’t happen all the time and it doesn’t appear to be reproducible as far as I can tell, it just seems to happen a lot.

Hi cweese, thanks for that observation, whilst it is annoying, it does not seem to be causing any other problem.

it may help you that paste as plain text is back to being the default paste option again now.
It was only temporarily not so due to some technical library “thing” behind the scenes in development

Hi LornaHen, Thank you for your comment. Please forgive me not sure what you are telling me. If I now go to the “Note Page” as I am assuming you are telling me and press Ctr-V yes it does paste what I copied except nearly always misses either the first word or one of the others i.e. Birmingham in this case and, but still leaves the hyper-link for 421.

Deaths Sep 1954
Goldsby Frederick G 64 421 [Birmingham]
It seems you still have to go to the 3 dots menu to Paste as Plain Text.

Ctrl+V preserves formatting and other possiby unwanted codes
Ctl+Shift+V pastes as plain text
RM 8.1.5 Windows 10

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TomH, Thank you for seeing my response to the previous person who it seems was right, but I was not aware of the “key combination” you have just given me, wish I had known sooner it would have saved a lot of frustration. Again my friend thank you very much.

Those key combos are conventional in Windows. Well designed apps will pop out the key combo when you hover over a “Paste as plain text” or equivalent control or append it to the control label parenthetically.

Thanks for the information, regarding my current problem, when I go to the Menu for “Pasting Plain Text” it does not show any key combinations, and you telling me if I open the “Edit Note” Page and apply the combo, it works ok. It’s not a problem, it’s just that Roots Magic is so powerful that even some of the simple answers are not always easy to find. We this side of the keyboard rely heavily on folks like you. So a big thank you.

We have received the following reply about this problem. It seems like a very inefficient way to get round a programming eror. However if development is working on it we just need an update asap.
RM reply today was:-
“We have found if you put your notes into a word processor, clean up, add more lines, and then paste into the notes, it actually works faster. Extra steps, but I have always use my word processor, cleaned it up and then pasted into RM7 and now RM8
This has been reported and development is looking into it.”