Double Click in Advance Search to do an Edit

There are many places in RM9 where a double click to do an edit doesn’t work and where the double click really should work. One place that hasn’t been mentioned before is in the Advanced Search results list. The results list looks just like People List View. In People List View, a double click does Edit Person. In the Advanced Search, the double click does not work to do Edit Person. Instead, I have to click the Edit button. I wish for the double click to work in the Advanced Search results list to do Edit Person.

As a probably irrelevant aside, I don’t actually use Advanced Search very much in RM9. Instead, I usually make a group with the same criteria I would have used for the Advanced Search and I filter People List VIew by the group. But in this case, I wasn’t really going to edit anybody that met the criteria. Instead, I just wanted to open the Edit Person screen for someone who met the criteria so I could copy the contents of a fact note to be pasted for another person. In this particular case, it was much easier just to do an Advanced Search than it was to make a group. My muscle memory tried to double click a person which of course didn’t work. So I was slowed down briefly by having to switch to the Edit button. It’s really no big deal. But consistency in the user interface can be a very nice thing. Double click of an item in a list should always edit the item if the item can be edited from the list.

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This is likely true (or should be) for many software interfaces. Double click (and sometimes right click) should do something but does not always work as “expected” in several places.