Double-clicking on a list entry

I would love to be able to double-click on a list item using the mouse to have the same effect as clicking on a list item and then clicking on the OK button.

This “feature” is present in RootsMagic 7, but not [yet] in RootsMagic 8 as of

Using the keyboard you can select a list item and press Enter, which works fine in both RM7 and RM8.


Agree. I can’t cite the places where this happens, but I run into it a great deal.


Adding a fact by clicking on the + in the person edit screen brings up the list of facts, that is where I encounter this most often.


Absolutely agree. If I add a Fact to a person I would like to type and have it go to that part of the list (eg) D and it goes to the first D item which is Death. Then I’d like to double-click on Death to start the fact entry. Once entered I’d like the entry to be accepted by going to another Fact or Person or clicking Close. The same goes in a lot of places. I keep losing work I’ve done because I haven’t saved part of a fact’s entry. Like in RM7. Please?

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I, too, notice that I try to double click many times and it’s not available. I tend to use that a lot in computing. Would love it in RM8.

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As far as I can tell select & enter doesn’t work on Person Index entries. As a stopgap I’d settle for that–one click & one keystroke as opposed to three clicks.