Small Missing Feature in RM8, Can't Double Click Sidebar Index to Open Edit Person Window

The subject says it all. Suppose I have the sidebar index filtered by a small group of about a dozen or two dozen people. I would like to be able to open the Edit Person screen quickly and easily in turn for each of the people in the group. In RM7, I could double click each person in the sidebar index in turn. In RM8, I have to single click each person in the sidebar index in turn and then find them in the screen and double click them (or right click them and choose Edit).


Use the People List view to do that.

It’s not really the same. People List view does not provide the same context as do views like Pedigree View and Family View. Sometimes People View is ok for things like this, but most often it is not.

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Small feature, big annoyance

as a work around yes, but not as convenient.


I’m in complete agreement with you on this one. I know we used to cringe when Renee would tell us it is on the development list, AKA “Black Hole.” This time she didn’t even offer that! (All in good fun, Renee.)

And if I had had the time over the last year I would have written something else up about the way the Index Window works on the the People View.