"Last Edit" feature

In RM7 the People view offered a search for “Last Edited” The customize people list does not have a “Last Edited” option with the People view. I know that there is a ‘History’ but that clears every time I open and close the file. Is it a feature that is somewhere else in RM8 that I’m not seeing?

In the Customize people list, its’ called “Date Edited”

It’s called Date Edited and that does work for searches and making groups and that sort of thing. You can display it as a column in People View.

What’s missing from RM8 is that you can no longer see the field in the Edit Person screen. I think that needs to be added back in.

In addition, you couldn’t see the field in RM7 if all you did was highlighted a person. I think that would be a very good feature for RM8. In RM8 the obvious place to display the Date Edited information would be more or less next to the relationship field (e.g., where it says second cousin three times removed or whatever) in the side panel.


Thanks for the replies. I greatly appreciate your help.