Color coding for the color blind

I made this suggestion some time back (probably RMG7), but with the recent advancements in color coding, I’d like to suggest it again.

I have a friend who uses RMG and is color blind, and for him, color coding is almost useless, since he cannot distinguish most colors, only tell lighter or darker, and not very well at that.

Would it be possible to add another type of coding, as a series of patterns? They would not be as plentiful as the various colors, obviously, but giving us vertical, horizontal, and diagonal stripes, as well as dashes, plusses, etc., would go a long way to helping my friend, and I daresay that those of us with normal color vision could use such an addenda


Great idea. I’m not color blind myself, but I have wondered if there could be some substitute for the colors for the color blind. Of course, this wouldn’t work for reports where the names are colored.

My friend never has been able to use color coding, so he’s never used it in reports. He’d probably just shut it off for reports.

Many men are “red green” colour blind, like me. So we see colours (ie not monochrome) but some are not distinguishable (blue-purple, green-brown, etc). The most effective solution would be to enable users to choose colours from a palette, to suit themselves, as part of customisation. Would be feasible for both Mac and PC users.

I think either would work. The issue is: will RMG pursue either or both solutions? I first proposed this as a fix in RMG7, some time back.

I can’t give an update on the status of a request. Development doesn’t release that information.