Searching on Color Coding - possible enhancement when selecting color

I really like the ability to search on Color Coding and Sets in RM9. When I am selecting the Set and Color the text in the Set field shows me the Set number and also some of the Set name which is really useful, but in the actual Color dropdown selection box it just has the description of the Color - eg ‘is Pink’ - it would be really neat if it too had part (or all if it is short) of the label for that color as well - eg ‘is Pink Paternal Grandfather’ (Or even better - leave out the name of the color and just use the label if present). I see that the width of the box for the ‘is’ field is wider than the one for the Set so there’s plenty of space for it!



Confirming this request has been reported to development.

I dunno, maybe the search feature is more powerful this way, instead of combining color name with a group name, unless I am misunderstanding.

In the vid I remember him saying that you can set up 4 basic colors as a ‘default’ OR option to do other things.

Maybe more room for the set name makes sense since color names don’t need that much room.