Color Coding request

Love all the new colors and the grid layout! Thank you.

The one feature that was missing in 7 and now in 8 is that when I look at a person and click on color it defaults to the top of the list and not the color currently assigned to that person.

It would be good if hovering over the color by that person* if it would display the name of the color - especially since many colors look similar to my old eyes.

Also, would love a way to change the color via keyboard (used to do CTRL+C, 3 tabs, B or F or T, 5 tabs and enter on a macro key).

Thank You So Much Bruce and all.

*by this I mean - say on the pedigree view, which green is assigned to a particular person already

Bev, when you have the color grid open and click on a dot, the name of the color appears above.

Yes, but that only helps with the initial selection. It doesn’t tell you what color was already assigned, nor does it help with keyboard input. I do like that there are hover hints though.