Color grid selection hard to select specific color

with update 8.04 you changed the color coding from a list of colors to a grid. The grid is fine IF when you highlight on a color square it should display the NAME of that color. With so many nice choices the grid is hard to distinguish each color especially on the last row. Maybe too when you go to a person that is already color coded, when you go to this new grid it should show what color that person is currently on.

If you click on a color, it displays the name of the color. I can live with this approach, but I can’t tell color names just by looking at them. I sort of wish you could see all the names and all the associated colors all at the same time without first having to click on a color box.

Also, the upper left hand color box is the absence of color. But clicking it does not turn off the color. I wonder if is should. The “Clear Color” button still works, of course, but I was surprised when I clicked the “no color” box and it didn’t actually do anything.

OMG…thank you…I was so concentrated I never actually clicked on the color to see its name. Now to maybe show or hghlight the color of the current person. If I click on the top left empty box to clear the color it does clear it but only after I OK and it closes the color coding box.