Colour set names in Descendants View and People List View

Feature Request please : Colour set names. These names are displayed when you hover over a person’s color in the pedigree or family view. It would be useful if they could also be displayed when you hover over a colour in the Descendants View and in the People List View.


Confirming request has been reported to development.

Also, related to the colour coding. After updating to 10.0.1 the morning, I have noticed that when I go into attach a colour to an individual you need to do the additional step of hitting close. Instead of what I used to have an automatic close after “Apply highlighted colour…” I found it much quicker to not have to hit close afterwards. I thought perhaps the feature wasn’t even working when it didn’t close as usual (yesterday), so knew it had to be associated with the update.

New: Applying color coding leaves the color code form open to select additional people (10.0.1)

Yes, we had many requests that the Color code window remain open after applying a color. Now they can simply work through all the colors that need to be applied by choosing the focus person in between without have to locate them outside the color code screen and opening with them. Once everything is done you click Close.

If you are only needing to applying one color then yes, you have an extra step this way.

I tried to do another, but it won’t work until after window is closed. The same as before. If it works for some then fine, but it sure isn’t working for me.

Correct, the colors are not applied in the background until the Color Code form is closed. Basically like it was before when the form closed. The only difference is clicking on “Apply highlighted color…” will keep the form open so multiple colors can be selected before closing the form at the end.