Reports - Color coding of names

Color coding: I use this feature extensively. The change that created a palette of the colors is much appreciated, the color names was impossible.

Here’s my problem: The palette doesn’t seem to have as many choices as the name list had. Example: ORANGE. I like orange.

The dark colors are very dark and some are hard to differentiate without hovering over them to see the name. So I tend towards the lighter colors … Big problem!: On the reports the lighter colors are VERY faint so that the important names just disappear. Confession: I do have some genetic color deficiency but never had a problem with RM7.

Hovering over the color palette to see the color names doesn’t work for me. I have to click a color in the palette to see the color name.

I would much prefer a color palette layout where you could see all the colors and at the same time see all the color names.

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