Customize Colors in FamilySearch Person Tools "Find Matchces/Share Data"

In the FamilySearch Person Tools window, where you can match and sync data between your RootsMagic and FamilySearch family tree person, there are colors used to designate which data fields are the same or close to each other. See image below.

Unfortunately being color blind, I can’t differentiate these two colors, so I’m not benefitting from the colors used to point out small differences between my RM and FS persons. (For the image above, I had to ask my wife to tell me which was which color).

Can you add a feature that would allow the user to customize each of these colors (green, yellow, and any other background/foreground highlight colors) to suit their own vision impairments? For me, I’d make the green a bit darker, and the yellow more saturated. I’m guessing this works fine for most people, which is why this hasn’t been requested yet. But it would be so helpful to a visually impaired person such as me to set my own color values. Please strongly consider this as an accessibility feature.

Thank you!


I would support the customise Colours in Family Search Person Tools as I am legally blind. Any system amendment that can provide better accessibility for users with a disability should be given due consideration and acted upon.

Anyone else think this would be a good idea? It seems like only feature requests that get a higher “view” count are actually implemented.

I’ve been on RM user discussion venues for over a decade and cannot say that I’ve seen any such evidence or correlation.

Sure, the enhancement you’ve requested is a good idea.