Argument Out of Range Error

Haven’t seen anything on this topic since the middle of 2023. I’m getting this frequently, only when I’m mousing from one person to another. Usually when I dismiss the error box, the person I was trying to move to is now highlighted, but if I hit Enter to go to that person’s edit screen it will open the edit screen of the person previously highlighted. It doesn’t happen in the index list or under any other circumstances that I’ve noticed. Is anyone else still having this problem? It’s really slowing down my work. I’m on Windows 10, Edge.

I can make it happen any time I want to do so. I just open the Index tab in the left side bar, set the main view to Pedigree View, and scroll down the Index tab with the down arrow key. It takes a while. Usually I have to go through several hundred people before the error occurs. But it’s not like I have to go through all 40,000 people in my database before the error occurs. It never seems to happen on the same person. In that sense, it’s very random even though I can make it happen.

There seem to be many different kinds of things that can cause the error with no particular rhyme or reason behind the causes except that the user is usually doing something somewhat repetitive over a somewhat extended period of time.

When it happens to me more randomly and without warning rather when I’m trying to make it happen, I still almost get the sense sometimes that it’s about time for it to happen. It’s probably my imagination, but I wonder if there is some subtle change in the behavior of RM before the error that my subconscious self is picking up but that my conscious self does not pick up.

Easily reproduced, for sure, in main screen People View with Cursor Down Arrow.

Guys appreciate your input as I am sure that @ngwehner does also BUT from your responses, it is UNCLEAR to me whether you were getting the error to happen OR IF YOU WERE ALSO GETTING THE OTHER PROBLEM, she mentioned which is:

Sorry @ngwehner , I can’t answer this part of your question as every time it happens to me in RM 9, I have to shut down and restart RM 9 or I get the Argument out of range error every 3 clicks–in RM 8, I use to be able to continue to work in the database-- the error would then pop up abt every 50 clicks— never had this other problem in RM 8…

Windows 11 RM and using Vivaldi as the browser…

Yes, shutting down and restarting does eliminate the error problem at least for a while. I seem to be able to go longer before hitting the error if I use the arrow keys to move from one person to another rather than mousing, but eventually it still hits me. It’s a real pain to have to shut down and restart the program over and over during a day’s work.

I understand completely as I was one of the people who took the issue up with support as I was so frustrated one day-- the answer from Support basically was:
It’s very clear by your description that you are receiving the argument out of range error coming from the list manager. Development is working on this issue.
This error will not damage your database at all. You will need to close RM after you receive this error to clear it. Otherwise you get meaningless errors, most often the access violations errors message.

Basically in my case the error occurs between 670 to abt 1000 clicks-- or abt 40 minutes-- I installed a mouseclickr ( free) to keep track of the clicks-- and it didn’t matter if I was going thru the index or using the chevrons/arrows by a person’s name-- still would happen in abt the same amount of clicks—the one day I was having real problems with it, I rebooted the computer and that slowed it down even more–at least enough so that I could finish my task of deleting a large amount of people from a database…

So Jerry said it happens also in the pedigree view BUT wonder IF you could get further by using the Descendant View and just use the chevrons/arrows as much as possible?

As for your other problem, @thejerrybryan just posted this earlier

Kind of sounds like it the same BUT NOT sure…

I also know that Jerry has many times talked abt a highlighted person NOT actually being highlighted ( or the person you think you have selected)-- so for example if I am on Mary and move up the line to her parents-- then her Dad Bart is now highlighted in blue BUT that does NOT mean that you have actually picked or highlighted Bart UNTIL you click on him-- I have no problem with this BUT??? maybe the Gremlins are being good today :rofl: