App Not Displayed Normally on MacOS Sonoma

Just have updated to MasOS Sonoma. After starting RM9, app is only partially displayed (segment of LHS) on full screen, mouse not responding.

Renee has responded on facebook last week to a similar post -
“Just a reminder that RM doesn’t support beta versions of the OS. Within the next couple of weeks Sonoma should be officially released. If there are any issue they will be addressed then.”

Previous discussions links - facebook and here.

Sonoma has been officially released today 27 Sep 2023 in Australia. I’m assuming the same release timeframe is global. My issue is NOT against a beta version but an OFFICIAL version.

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Ah, got it. Thanks and apologies for the confusion on my part.

No problem. Appreciate your response.

But it is just now the morning of 27 Sep 2023 in the US, thus what Kevin told you before was correct. Rootsmagic support is not yet up and running for the day. I would suggest sending them an email right now so they have it when they open.

Big mistake updating to version x.0 of a new OS. Always wait for the 2nd or 3rd bug fix to update. Let others enjoy the initial problems.


Back in the old DEC VAX day, you never installed an odd-number release of the OS (like 7.1 or 6.3), which was called VMS. These were new function releases. We always waited for the following even-numbered release which fixed the problems of the odd-numbered releases.

What @Rooty is recommending is doing the same thing. Leading Edge is Great, Bleeding Edge not so much.

Thank you (@Rooty, @Rwcrooks) for the “pearls of wisdom” on the benefits of waiting to upgrade, letting things get settled etc. Yes, I could have waited but I’m in the position where I could/did jump in - using a test machine, not my primary. I do adhere to the principle of not upgrading my primary machine till things are properly sorted. I like to know early if there are issues and flag them accordingly. It creates an impetus to get them prioritised. Wow, DEC VAX - VMS crikey, that is vintage :slight_smile: We have some real seasoned warriors making posts … all good.

Old former DEC PDP/VAX and peripheral systems guy here. The dual-track for release “concept” differentiated between stable releases that could be used confidently by customers who merely wanted to use the operating system as a platform on which to do their applications work – versus development releases that were less stable, still under development, and included the newest feature additions. This kept two potentially disparate audiences happy: the developers had flexibility, the end users had certainty. The distinction between developer and stable releases also supported the “release-early, release-often” policy that facilitated rapid development. The release-numbering system reflected this categorization.

See the dialogue entries at “macOS Sonoma Screen Size”.

What I’ve discovered so far for Sonoma 14.0 with RM9 on the MacBook Pro 16-inch 2021 Built-in Display >
Resolution appears to display very nicely with the Preset to XDR-Video (P3-ST 2084), where the contrast is excellent, with the resolution set optimally at 2624x1696.
The other resolutions that work are listed by me over on the other thread > “macOS Sonoma Screen Size”.

Same problem when I opened RM9 after upgrading to the official release version of Sonoma. Whilst I have read previous post warning about issues including work arounds like changing screen resolution I thought give it a go and see how good the testing was. Not so good I guess. No matter RM9 still remains just an average development for a Mac OS genealogy program. No other application on my Mac has exhibited issues with Sonoma 14.0. I don’t subscribe to the theory to avoid updating Mac OS operating systems until there have been a number of bug fix releases. I have never had a problem in the past with well developed Mac OS applications. I will keep checking in to see if a fix is forthcoming although it will be difficult to install an update now from within RM9 as you can no longer see that portion of the screen to click on the update link.

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Non of my other apps have the problem too. RM9 is the only one in my kit that cocks up. I’d not be surprised if the issue has something to do with the underpinning dev platform used to build RM9. Nothing but wait and see.

This has been resolved with the recent RM9 release for the Mac. Reset your display to default and the sizing for RM9 should play nice now.

Thank you, I have already upgraded to latest version of app with fix.