RootsMagic 9 Not working with MacOS

How To Resolve RootsMagic 9 not working with MacOS Sonoma Beta 14.0

I’d say start by not using beta versions of your OS.

sonoma is no longer beta but at 14.1 with last update.
as rw said it is very dumb to install beta versions of anything. On mac you are simply asking to replicate all the joys of windows.

The display issue was fixed with the rm 9.0.8 release update. See the release announcement.

If this does not resolve your issue you should post details here or open a support request.

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Has the problem of not being able to send the Ancestry gallery to RM9 from the Mac been resolved?

Ancestry media is downloaded to RM9, so I’m not sure what you are referring to.

Actually, I trust Apple Betas and I reported this issue a long time ago as I’ve betaed RM for years. I was not listened to until others also piped up. RM9 was finally adjusted to play nice with the Mac. It took quite a few years for RootsMagic to finally agree that the program could be ported to the Mac.

I’m pretty sure the database tools for RM were released back in the day due to my input with a database that was “hit by lightening” when I attempted to multitask in MS operating system on my Mac back when I had both system collocated and forgot I should never, ever upgrade the MS operating system when I had RM open. MS has never, ever multitasked well, unlike the Apple Unix-based Operating system.

Next we need to get campaigning to get RootsMagic to use Relational Databases instead of being hobbled by horizontal one-task SQL.

I originally bought RM5 for the one-button merge function to resolve PAF (Personal Ancestral File) database issues my parents tolerated. I’ve stayed with RM even though development has been glacial.

I hope one day the RM programmer(s) will learn how to use Swift (Apple Development platform) for their next release - not just as another bolt-on “me too”, but a truly Mac-based program that runs circles around the PC version. I see Deja vu of what happened to the old Apple programmers who outshone the PC programmers for PAF - and lost their jobs because it endangered the PC programmers living and had the Apple version killed and the Apple programmers then had to move on to greener pastures. It took a while for RootsMagic to support the Apple platform. The learning curve was/is steep, but well worth it.

i support RM with buying paid version of the program. RM has heart.

I would say that the chance of RM being written in Swift is about the same as the chance of me winning the lottery, or of Hades having a blizzard. Cross platform development has been all the rage for the last few years or so. Write once and run it on Mac, PC and mobile. I don’t see this changing any time in the near future. RM is a small company with two known developers and two programs. It is not going to be cost effective to completely write and maintain two different versions of code and god forbid they try to go mobile again. That would be 4 different versions of code.

As for those poor Apple programmers and PAF, that was caused by the fact that were essentially no significant number of Mac users to make writing the Mac version worthwhile.

I hear ya, but miracles do happen. Minds do change.

Hi Pritchet1, I would also like to see RM software compiled for Linux machines (which I use mostly). Apple’s OS is basically a Linux system based on FreeBSD. Running a wrapper is a poor solution to port the software over.

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While I do not think the RM developers wrote the code I have seen Swift code in RM crash reports.