Incessant “Instance of “Tabulmage” not created” both in 8 and 9

Attempts to download my existing Ancestry trees result in the above error, in both 8 and 9. Happily, I’m within the 30 day window to destroy 9 (the resolution issue makes my iMac look like a 1980s windows), but is there any solution for the simplest of functioning for 8?

MacOS Sonoma

RM7 on the cheapest Windows computer?
RM9 on a better Windows PC?


There’ll be NO updates to 8

@echelon3 -not a Mac user but as far as the resolution problem-- have you checked this thread

as for the error “Tabulmage” not created-- you can do a search in the box above for “Tabulmage” not created----several threads on the issue

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Thank you, I will give those a try.