Ancestry Treeshare Not Uploading Media

I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this issue. I’ve just signed into Ancestry on RM9 and uploaded my tree as a new tree. None of my media has gone up at all, although I had ticked the box to include media. I use RM9 on a Mac.

I should add, this is the 2nd time I have tried to upload my tree. The first time about half of my media uploaded, so I disconnected the tree, deleted the Ancestry tree and tried again. This time instead of taking seemingly an age to upload the media with constant connection timed out errors (which I clicked away and the uploading continued) it just seemed to skip this stage completely.

2nd edit - It has just got a whole lot worse! I realised because my Dropbox regressed to the non-beta Mac version that my media files needed to be linked up again. I did this and it was successful, but now I am getting an error “Instance of Tabulmage not created” and RM9 crashes. I can restore from a recent backup but all the media are not found again so I am now really stuck. I had dealt with this Tabulmage error by renaming all my media to take out special characters and everything has been fine for weeks. I now don’t know what to do at all!

Trying to make sure I understand your 2nd edit. It seems like you were running a beta version of dropbox on your mac and have gone back to a stable release. Could it be possible that your actual media files on Dropbox rolled back too (reintroducing the special character issue)?

Am I correct in assuming that you are referring to restoring an older RM9 backup, which then reintroduces the “Instance of Tabulmage not created” error once you fix broken links? If so, and if you have capacity on your local HD, you might want to consider creating a local media folder(s) and moving media back in chunks (maybe start with 50% of media files), run ‘fix broken links’. If that works add 50% of the remaining files in a subdirectory or if it fails, roll back 50% of the files you just moved. By repeating this recursive add/roll back technique you might be able isolate which media files are re-introducing the error.

I wonder about symbolic links that your drop box configuration might be creating on your hd and whether that is complicating things. if you can sort this out you may want to keep your media local for a while and use dropbox as a backup only service.

Hi @kevinm Thanks for your reply. On the first point I thought that might have happened but I have checked all the actual media file names are just as I edited them. When Dropbox reverted all it did was duplicate everything in a new folder on my HD so exact copies. On your second point I agree that the restored backup seems to have re-introduced the Tabulmage issue but I really can’t figure why - as I say the media files are as they were when all was working fine. Very odd.

I have managed to get the restored back up working on my MacBook pointing to the same media files. That happened in the past before I edited the media files and it seems RM 8 and now 9 has trouble with my iMac which is really odd (it is intel and my MacBook is M1 so I suspect there is something in that).

Thanks for your suggestion. At the moment I’ve managed to get my FTM tree up and running and at the moment I am transferring the work I did since resuming working with RM over to that (fortunately I have not done too much!). And I’ll stick with that just now as not being able to work on my iMac big screen is a bit of a deal breaker for me as it was previously when this Tabulmage issue reared up inexplicably from nowhere). But I’ll give your suggestion a go at some point out of interest to see if I can identify the potential issue.

I should mention I put the restored tree back onto a USB stick and all the files are on there, and this works fine on the MacBook but not on the iMac, as above.

Also the issue of my media not completely going up to Ancestry is a real issue. I use Ancestry to share my tree with family as it’s easy to use for them.

Don’t know if you have read thru this thread earlier from earlier in the year…

Several good ideas as to how to fix the error if you haven’t tried them

Yea that’s the thread I found to do the original fix about a month ago and things have been fine since then, until now. It was the media links fix that broke it again but, as per the thread I have nothing left to try there. The media files have not changed. Can’t get passed the error now on my iMac.

Well unfortunately, if you have done everything posted here

your only option is to open a support ticket tomorrow morning
8:00 AM and 4:00 PM (MT), Monday through Friday