RM 9 downloaded display problem taken from Ancestry on two different family trees

Any idea why one Family Tree downloaded fine from Ancestry to fill in my new RM9 tree while another (the older one) gets the Tabulmage error and only part of that family tree appears? This is on a Mac using Ventura OS. I’ve contacted support and they gave me Rich Holden’s fixes but I’m not sure how to get to some of the things he mentioned and I’ve restarted the MAC, deleted and reinstalled etc. Unfortunately, I did delete my older versions of RM because I keep my Ancestry file the most current and use RM for my personal history. Thanks for any advice you may be able to have for me.

Ok - after trying multiple things… I did get it back. I think because I still had a version 8 back up, it went through and I can see my whole tree. The images however did not come through except as an icon saying “jpg” so now have to figure how to show the actual image.

If you double-click on the thumbnail saying “jpg”, does an image open in your system’s default image viewer? If so, then your media were added as type “file” instead of type “image”. Unfortunately RM7 has no tool that allows you to change the type registered for that media item in the database. You would have to add it again as the correct type and tag it to all the things the wrongly ‘typed’ one is tagged to and then delete the latter. That will be a lot of error-prone labour if there are many such media items. Edit: RM9 does as described below by @rzamor1 but it’s one item at a time and there is no filter for meta type or extension to expedite finding the items to be corrected.

It’s a shame that RM developers have not incorporated as a tool something like this script I published 10 years ago and others had asked for as an enhancement request years earlier!

The Media Type is editable. Just click in the media type field and select the media type you want to change to in the drop list.

I hadn’t heard that the TabuImage error is caused by the wrong media type being selected. It would be interesting to see if that is the cause.

Thanks Tom, and rzamor1, when I went in to double check I found that jpeg thumbnail was on another of the files I was trying to download. The good news is that I do have one with the original images so I don’t have to do this now. I really appreciate your suggestions though,

Now I just have to delete my “extra” family tree files.