RM9( not recognizing file types

Is anyone else having problems with uploaded images after updating to I didn’t have any issues prior to the update.

I’ve uploaded images using .jpg and .jpeg. When I go to view them either get an error message that says it’s a wrong file type or, the entire database just shuts down. Strange that the files uploaded prior to updating, are all fine!

Fortunately, I’m new to Rootsmagic and have entered very few people so far. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I’m looking forward to going forward seamlessly!


Yes, my brother in the UK is having the same issues. He is also a registered user and runs RM9 on a mac. I run RM9 on a windows pc and do not have an issue.

We have a ticket running with technical support but so far little results.

What are you running RM9 on pc or mac?

I suggest you also log the issue with technical support as it is seeming to be their issue and bug.

I’m not able to recreate this. What version are you using? 32-bit, 64-bit or Mac? How are you adding the media. Can you give the locations and steps so I can follow along to recreate.

Hi, please refer to ticket 131087 l have explained the problem in great detail several times. Talk with your Diana she has a multitude of information.