Adding Images to Profile - Fails

Image problem adding Photos in RM-9
New posting as I left out a lot on the original posting I hope someone can help me. You all offered a ton of great help before but I was missing lots of information on that post.

I am up to date with both the OS Win 11 23H2 and RM- on a Dell XPS E2424HS

The image I want to add is in the image folder Rootmagic9/photos when I select all media it does not show up. It is named foster leo.jpg and shows in the ACDSee image editor and in the window explorer. But It will not add to his profile. I added a photo of my mother to his profile and. it works fine. Parkeralma.jpg. I changed foster to fosterleo.jpg and it still failed. All the images are in the same folder c:/programs/RootMagis9/photos some work and some do not. I’m at a total loss to figure out why. I am up to date with all the OS and software.

I tried to use the Rootmagic support but got no where with that.

I don’t know exactly what you mean by “select all media” and I don’t know what you mean by “in the ACD”. So let’s start with the most basic question. If you click on the main Media tab on the far left hand side of the RM screen and if you type foster leo.jpg or fosterleo.jpg into the search box at the top of the screen, does the file show up? We will get to the profile where the photo is not showing up later, but let’s start with the main media gallery first.

By the way, I don’t think it has anything to do with your problem, but I would recommend against including any blanks anywhere in your file names. I understand that many very expert and very experienced computer users use blanks in file names all the time without any adverse impacts. And it may be just because I’m very old and also because I’m very old fashioned. But it seems to me that eventually some piece of software is going to have a problem with files that have blanks in their names. So I think it’s just better to stay away from blanks. I do recognize that you removed the blank from foster leo.jpg and turned it into fosterleo.jpg, and that it didn’t solve your problem.

But I don’t want to get distracted by the blank or by the absence of a blank. If you filter by foster leo.jpg or by fosterleo.jpg in the main media tab, does your file show up?

Part of your problem is caused by where you have the photo. c:/programs/ is reserved by the operating system to hold application programs only. While you can put other files there, it is considered by some to be a misuse of the operating system. That is why RM’s default location for media is under the /users/UserName/Documents folder. You should move all your media out of c:/programs/ to an appropriate location under your user name location; relink all your media using “Fix broken media links”; then if necessary start troubleshooting if the media doesn’t relink.

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ACDSee is an image software. Select all media is a function in RM9 when you click media it brings up all the images in the media file. When I filter fosterleo fails to show up

I’ll try that. Thank you

It was not a problem until I moved to Wen 11. But I’ll try it

What happens when you just filter by foster?

But let’s only confuse one issue at a time. BobC is absolutely correct that storing your data files in your program folder is very likely to cause problems. But are you really storing them in your program folder?

You are using the folder name programs. My program folders in Windows 10 are called Program Files for my 64 bit programs and Program Files (x86) for my 32 bit programs. So do you literally mean a new folder you created called programs, or do you mean the actual names Program Files or Program Files (x86) that come with Windows. For all I know, these names have changed between Windows 10 and Windows 11 and I’m still on Windows 10. But if you made a new folder called programs, you are probably ok.

Ron, RM Support keeps Monday-Friday business hours 8am to 5pm Mountain Time. On the Technical Support page, in the lower right-hand corner there is a “Help” button. Click on that and it will allow you to send a message with attachments to open a ticket. A RootsMagic support tech will contact you. During business hours, that button will be to open a chat for more immediate assistance. Renee Zamora, who responded to you on another thread is a RootsMagic technician who can assist you. Good Luck! @rzamor1

that is a strange place to use - Create a folder in Documents called Genealogy Photos (or whatever). Where do you have you database? Think about Documents\RootsMagic9

Although where you store your images is not usual, given RM9 can view one (or more) of these images and not the other implies to me a file format difference, possibly due to encoding or compression. In other words, not all jpg files are the same.
ACDSee supports jpg files with the JPEG2000, JPEG and JFIF encoding and compression standards (*). I would suggest checking in ACDsee image viewer (select image and choose view > Image information for whether there are any differences between the image file formats, encoding and compression of fosterleo.jpg and Parkeralma.jpg.
My thinking is that ACDSee could possibly support a broader image range than RM9 and simply identifying the images and converting them to the same specific JPEG format as Parkeralma.jpg could resolve the problem.
If you are able to resolve the image format compression differences, use ACSee to change its file format of the image files you are having problems with Converting Multiple Images to Another Format

(*) The differences between these image types is more elaborate than I am mentioning here for brevity. You may wish to check for more information.

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I moved the photo files to my documents. Uninstalled RM9 (32bit) and installed 64 bit. I think there is something wrong wit the image its self I still does not show in Media

Ill get it back and re-scan and see if that works