MyRootsMagic 9 Media Gallery & Image Issues

Hi there!

I’m having some issues with images on MyRootsMagic website. They show up as broken in the Media Gallery (little torn paper icon). The thumbnails will properly show on ‘Individual Details’ pages, but if I click on them there it says “This image failed to load”.

My Privacy Settings have ‘Show all images, but hide tags of privatized…’ enabled and ‘Show Photos’ on. My file size is 60MB.

Initially, I had most media imported from Ancestry (which were photos I uploaded to there) when I created my RM9 file. Some images I added to RM9 directly from my computer. About half of the images loaded in the online Media Gallery, half were broken. I checked the file names/paths between ones that loaded and ones that didn’t on the website, didn’t see a conflict but re-added some, still couldn’t get them to show up on the website. None of the images showed in the ‘Individual Details’ pages, even if I could see them in the Media Gallery at this point.

Then I deleted all my media files from RM9 and re-added all the media for one deceased, non-private person (all .pngs). I’ve also tried converting them to .jpg as per this older thread but they still don’t show in the Media Gallery. I have one Genealogy folder where I keep everything in appropriate subfolders. I tried adding photos directly from ‘X Family Tree_media’ folder (I believe this one is made by RM) results with the same problem.

Any help is appreciated!

The webmaster has been working on an issue with not all media uploading. Is it the same media that is not uploading or random ones?

Thank you for the update!

I uploaded images for a few more people and no images are loading in the Media Gallery. The thumbnails are working on ‘Individual Details’ pages, but not when I click on them.

Check how full is your 200MB quota for all trees and media you upload to MyRootsMagic. Maybe you’ve run out. I think you said that the database file alone is 60MB. 140 image files of 1MB apiece would consume the rest.

The MyRootsMagic size is at 60MB.