RM8 Publish Website - Media Gallery?

In the Sample website (produced in RM7) at The James Smith Family - The main menu includes “Media Gallery”.
Is there a specific setting in RM8 which enables this to show up on a published website? and/or else, what do I need to do in my database to produce this?

Have you published from RM8 to MyRootsMagic.com with the result that there was no Media Gallery? I do not see why there would not be one because the website generator is no different for RM8 than for RM7. I believe the publish process delivers a quasi-RM7 database from RM8 to the server yet there is nothing different for media between the two versions.

Aha, the Wiki does not show or tell you this but there is an Enable Media Gallery control under Site Settings > Privacy:

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That’s the ticket, thanks. I probably should have found it.

(using RM8 in Win 10) My objective is to successfully display my media files (all .jpg) in Media Gallery and in the available views of people, as they do in The James Smith Family . Media Gallery now displays on my site, but when I Publish Website only about 15 of 100 images, all displaying as broken link icons, appear. So the linking on my website doesn’t seem to be working yet - BUT, on my computer, all of the 100 or so images associated with the database seem to be working fine in numerous views (pedigree, people, media, etc.). Note: I have stored all of my media files in one folder on my D: drive, which is the same folder that I have specified in Folder Settings.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve this? Thanks.

Maybe your quota of 200MB for all websites combined was exhausted after the upload of the 10th image file.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have two sites. Each site’s size is listed as 5mb in the MyRootsMagic dashboard. The associated media folder files add up to a combined 78mb. Is this the correct way to calculate my usage towards the 200mb limit?

I can report some progress - after making a few more changes in Settings / Privacy for one of the sites, I completely reviewed the media in RM database to ensure that links are not broken, then re-Published the website.

Now Media Gallery contains 17 (of my ~120 media items) as broken link icons (no images display). However, in the Individual Details views, the Primary photo thumbnails ARE displaying, although when clicked on I get a “This image failed to load” popup error message. The other media associated with the Individual ARE showing up as camera icons in their respective columns alongside notes, but again, when the camera icons are clicked, I get a “This image failed to load” popup error message.

I suspect that the 17 media file icons showing up in Media Gallery are the ones marked in the database as Primary Photos.

I think so. But that totals only 88MB, nowhere close to 200MB.

I think I’ve figured this out. My website problem is broader than I suspected, and tied to my Folder Settings - reference the topic: Can I set folder defaults for each database?

I have been setting and using a separate media folder for each database (which frankly seems logical to me, but …) and apparently each time I’ve been “fixing” this (re-entering the folder path) for each separate database by changing the folder settings, I’ve actually been breaking it for all of the others!

So now to solve this, if I understand correctly, I need to move or copy all of my media for all of my databases into one media folder, so that RM8 can find the files for its views AND to Publish Websites that correctly link to and display media?

You should not have to do that but you might have uncovered a bug in the Publish Website function stemming from the introduction of a form of relative file addresses in RM8. Previously, every media record had an absolute path to the file stored in the database, e.g., C:\folder\subfolder… In RM8, the path is abbreviated by replacing parts with symbols, dependent on the file’s location being in one of:

  1. The setting for the default media folder
  2. The same folder as the database file
  3. The user’s My Documents folder.

Maybe RM8 is not properly handling these substitutions and is only finding those media files that are outside these folders and have absolute paths stored in the database.

Maybe so …? however, I’ve already copied the media into the one media folder, changed all the media item link paths in the two databases to reflect the change, deleted the existing websites, published new websites, and after fixing a few miscellaneous broken links*, it’s all working fine now.

  • it didn’t seem to like .png files or .jpeg files; I converted the .png to .jpg and renamed the .jpeg to jpg, and all is good.

One other minor problem I see is with some website color-coding. It published a branch line of people who were color-coded orange in the database - into orange text (not background) in the site. Also, I have a branch line color-coded maroon in the database who were published to the website as red. Hopefully, this would be an easy fix in the style sheet.

I wonder if the website code has been updated to support the expanded colour codes of RM8.

Confirming the MyRootsMagic websites don’t currently support the new colors added in RM8.