Can I set folder defaults for each database?

I have two RM8 databases. Using the Settings entry, and then the Folders tab, I thought I could set folder locations (eg for Data, Backups, Media, Reports etc) specific to each database. It seems that the other toolbar icons for Settings save database-specific information.

But instead, RM8 seems to set my folders and applies those same locations to both of my databases.

Thanks for helping.

Folder settings are what are called program settings rather than database settings. Program settings apply to all databases. So the answer to your question is no.

For many years, I was of the opinion that it could not be any other way for folder settings. In particular, it seemed to me that if folder settings were a database setting that there would be a chicken and egg problem. How could RM find a database to get the folder settings if it didn’t already have the folder settings? But in the last two or three years I have changed my mind. I do think it’s quite possible to make the folder settings into database settings. There would be a couple of things that would have to be handled fairly carefully, but I think it could be done and that it would be advantageous to do so.

Thanks for your response.

Yes, it seems to me (and I have used other programs that take this concept for granted):
that if I am already running RM8;
and if I have my database open in RM8;
that if I am creating reports, it would be nice for those to be saved in a folder that I have specified for reports for that database;
that if I am creating backups, it would be nice for those to be saved in a folder that I have specified for backups for that database;
that I would not necessarily be happy to have my reports (or backups) from more than one database mixed in a single program-related folder;

Your answer does make me wonder, though:
How do you yourself launch RM8 and get to your specific database?

I have tried double-clicking on my database file (xxx.rmtree file);
while that does launch RM8, it does not automatically open that tree. I still have to open a tree, which is always available in the list of Recent Files on the Home screen.

So, double-clicking on my database file is no advantage to just launching RM8 from its shortcut.

So it seems to me I am always, one way or another, telling RM8 where to find my database anyway.

Thanks again -

The database I’m after is usually in the recent list. If not, I just navigate to it. RM initiates a pretty standard Windows (or Mac) File=>Open dialog when you tell it to open a database. At that point, you are really in a small piece of Windows File Explorer or the Mac equivalent instead of actually being in RM. From there you can navigate the file system in a pretty standard fashion.

Also, you should be able just to double click an rmtree file and Windows or Mac will open it for you. I don’t usually do it that way, but I tried it just now and and it worked.

As well as the answer that Jerry Bryan has provided there is also the option, via the program settings, to have the program automatically open the last database that was used when RootsMagic is fired up.

This option is the first under the Program Settings. (But if you have lots of databases and switch from one to another this might not necessarily assist!).

I used to use this option in RM. I ran into a little problem that dissuaded me from ever using it again. The problem may have happened in the RM1 through RM3 days rather than the RM4 through RM7 days. Or it may have even happened in the Family Origins days before RM. In any case, my database became corrupted and RM (or Family Origins) would crash immediately after starting up because of the corrupted database. Even though it’s an extra step, I like the control of being able to open my database after opening the program.

I’m tempted to go back to using the “open the last database that was used” option. If I encountered a similar situation again, I would simply rename the database from outside of RM before starting RM to prevent RM from crashing when I started it up.

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