Wish List: identify which settings are for the program vs. those are just for this database

RM8 no longer requires the user to know if a setting is a program setting vs. a database setting in order to find the setting. I think that is a good thing. On the other hand, I think RM8 should still identify for the user which settings are for the program vs. which settings are for the database. I have created a couple of dummy screens to show how that might be done. The font of for my text may not be the best, but I was not able to match the font from the RM8 screens.

I agree. I have 7 different databases that are in different folders/subfolders which are somewhat unique from each other. Every time I change databases I end up changing the settings to accommodate the newly opened database. So it would be good to have the database settings in appropriately named tabs AND have the database settings be stored as a configuration record in the database and loaded at the time the file is opened.