Media folder - Program or Database Setting?

I am working on two databases. I have two separate media folders, one for each database, both sub-folders of the same parent folder. I have tried to use Folder Settings to point each database to its own media sub-folder - only to find that RM changes both databases to reference the same sub-folder. I’ve tried moving one of the media sub-folders out of the parent folder, but that makes no difference. In other words, this setting is program-wide rather than being database related. That doesn’t seem totally logical to me. The only way round the problem I can find is to set both databases to reference the parent folder only - with the result that every time I add a new media item I have to manually drill down one extra level to find the correct sub-folder. It’s not the end of the world, but it is a bit irritating! Does anyone please know another way?

The media folder setting is stored in the “C:\Users\rotter\AppData\Roaming\RootsMagic\Version 9\RootsMagicUser.xml” file, so it is a program / user setting. Different people / logins to the same computer will have different settings.

I checked 2 RM files with different media folders on mac and RM9 does only point to the last media folder set for all files. Boy this is a real limitation.
My FTM media folders have a different one set for each database which is how it should work.

I use a similar configuration with my four trees and accompanying four media folders. I have long intended to submit a feature request to suggest this be changed to a database-level setting, rather than program-wide. Thanks for taking the initiative @steve.turner

Yes it’s an issue. I’ve got round it by having all the different databases’ media folders under one root folder “Roots Magic Media” and pointing my settings to that.

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