Can RM7 and RM8 use the same Media Directory?

I plan to continue using RM7 until I am comfortable using RM8. Can these two programs use the same Media directory? Or do I have to create separate directories for each?

Think both can use the safe media folder BUT any changes made in one app will affect the other. New media files in RM8 would not show up in RM7 and name…location changes would create broken links in the other app.

Consider sticking with RM7 until the wrapper dies and RM8 becomes more functional with much needed features and bug fixes.

The folder/subfolder structure that you choose to use is really entirely independent of RootsMagic (any version). I use the same folder/subfolder structure for different databases some in RM8 and some still in RM7. Some of the media in there is used in other applications and some not used in any application at all (but may be in the future). Some of my media is used in more than one database. Obviously if I use my photo editing software to edit a photo then of course the edited version will be used in every place that it has been used.

One thing to be aware of is that if you edit a media item that has already been attached to an event/fact/citation or whatever in RM8 the thumbnail will not show as the edited version unless you delete it in Media and reattach it. Clicking on the old thumbnail will bring up the edited file but the thumbnail is not updated automatically.