RM 9 Media Problem

In RM 9 I’m trying to add a photo to an individual record. In Windows 10 File Explorer, I can see the photo in my default RM 9 media folder. When I open the Media List, the file is not shown. When I use the search for the Media List I get nothing. But, I can see and also successfully search for the photo of other individuals. Fix Broker Media Links gives me “0 broken media links.” I’m stumped:-(

With the Add Media window open, have you tried clicking on the little file icon to the right of Filename, and then browsing to the media file you want to add?

Super that worked, thanks!!! Is there a way to automatically have a photo you add be the Primary photo without having to remember to click the Primary photo button? Also is there any way to find out who has a photo not marked as a Primary photo?

Neither from within the RM application except by inspecting each person one at a time.

And the Multimedia List Report excludes those items in the Gallery that are unused (not tagged to anyone or anything).

Bummer, thanks for the information.