Primary Photo Default

Is the option to automatically make the first photo in a person’s media list the “Primary photo” i.e. make that the default setting, currently being addressed as a future RM9 feature?

Is there any way find out to who has media but no “Primary photo”?

I know that you said option but am still unsure why you would want to do this. I only have photos of a small proportion of the people in my database (i.e. the recent folk). The media that I have for people existing prior to about 1900 consists mostly of scans of register entries, censuses or newspaper clippings which I do not use as a “Primary photo”, however, if I had the option turned ‘on’ this is what would happen.

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We used to make the first image the primary photo for a person but we removed it for the exactly reason Terry said.

Please add it back as an optional setting. That would certainly help a lot of us with lots of people photos.

Also, give us the ability to find out to who has media but no “Primary photo”?

Confirming enhancement requests have been reported to development.