Primary Photo x 2?

Hi All
Hoping someone can help me.
I use the Primary Photo as a reference to my documents that I have. B=Birth, M=Marriage, D=Death. I use it as a quick reference to see what documents I still need to find.
But my issue comes in when I have a photo of the person. As you can see from the screenshot.
I use the colour coding as the ancestors.
Is the any way beside altering the photo with a BMD?
Many thanks

There is only one Primary photo per person. For people like your Anna Margaretha Stoffelina, you would either need to modify her photo (modify a copy of her photo!) with BMD info and make it the Primary photo, else just not show her actual photo at all and only make the BMD info into her Primary photo.

Using the Primary photo in this way to present “to do” information for each person in a front and center fashion is very creative. I have always felt that the RM user interface causes the user to have to drill down and drill down and drill down much too far in order to see certain information. The worst offender has always seemed to me to be citations and in particular the documents (the media files) associated with those citations.

In my opinion, the user interface in RM8 and RM9 has made that situation much worse rather than making it better. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if information about which facts did or did not have supporting documents could be front and center as you describe, especially for BMD facts.

That being said, I tend to go a different direction and make groups of things like people who have a Birth fact which doesn’t have a citation. Then I use my group as my “to do” list and I use RM9’s new refreshable group feature to manage such groups. Unfortunately, RM’s search mechanism does not extend to documents (the media files), neither for facts nor for citations. I usually use SQLite queries to find items in RM that need a document (a media file) and don’t have one. But SQLite queries require programming skills that are beyond the ken of of most RM users. So again, I applaud the cleverness and creativity of your scheme to use the Primary photo to bring information about a person’s documents front and center…

Thankyou for your reply.
It just makes my life sooo much easier but I also collect photos. So at the moment photos take priority. Would be soooo great if there were 2 primary photos. Or something similar.
I tag a (photo) B, BM etc as you see in pic. So BMD has been tagged times.

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And how would RM decide which of the two primary (contradiction of terms) photos to display where it shows primary photos?

Thankyou for your reply
It doesnt have to be labelled that.
It is only for quick view instead of actually going into the person to see if they have all the documents. ie you might find on a death notice the date the spouse died or date of births for children. ( As a lot of South African documents contain)
I only enter a new person if I have a verified document and I can cite to support it, I dont just take names from other trees etc and enter them with no proof.