Ancestry treeshare search

I’m logged into Ancestry treeshare w/RM9. Regardless of selecting all, or changed, I’m tossed back to a login to Ancestry prompt whenever I try to search the list. Has anyone else noted a similar issue? Rather than scrolling thru a couple thousand names, how is it possible to do a search in treeshare? Thanx…

I’ve found that the search box in Treeshare will look for the name in the list (whether or not it’s “all” or “changed”) if it can’t find it there, then it will ask you to log into Ancestry again (why I don’t know), otherwise if it finds the name it will then appear in Treeshare. I found you do not need to hit enter after adding the name in the search box, just add it and wait for it to appear (or not).

You should remained logged into Ancestry TreeShare throughout your session and not need to log back in. I would recommend trying a couple of things.

  1. Go to Settings, WebHints and click on “Reset TreeShare”
  2. In a main view of RM use the key combo Ctrl+Shift+U and select “Reset Program Settings”. Then close and reopen RM and login to TreeShare.

Mine does the same thing @Hobbes. If I am already logged on to Ancestry thru TreeShare, if i uncheck the “show changed people” box, then enter a name to search and hit enter (nothing happens if I don’t hit enter), a sign-in box for ancestry pops up. It should not have to do that. If I close the signin box and go out of treeshare, I have to signin again to go into tree share. Evidently the first action of searching after unchecking the show changed people actually logs you out of ancestry.

I think I know what you are referring to if you are using Enter in the search box. It is activating the login button behind it. You don’t need to hit Enter in the search box.

Ok, I tried it several ways and I think you are right, as far as that goes. But typing in a name and hitting enter should not cause a login window to pop up.