Treeshare for Ancestry and RM9 Id numbers

When I open Treeshare for Ancestry in the show everyone column, some of the people show the RMID # and some don’t.
Also when I change the search field (edited - and hit “Enter”), I have to log in to Ancestry again.
Is there a problem?

It would be nice if the Treeshare for Ancestry would be opened in its own window so we could navigate in RM at the same time.

When you say RMID number, I presume you mean the RIN? If so, all mine show the RIN - except those who are not uploaded to Ancestry yet.
When you use the search field you don’t need to hit enter, perhaps that us where the issue lies?
I guess you cannot navigate in RM because Treeshare is updating to or from your data.

MKGT is correct:

Thank you! That clears up a lot. I still wish I could have a person view side by side with the Treeshare. Maybe in the next update. :smile:

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