Bug in Treeshare screen

There appears to be an entirely repeatable (albeit not terribly important) bug in the Treeshare screen. If you enter some characters in the search box above the index, the system takes you to the first person in the list whose name starts with the string you entered. You do not need to hit return. I forgot this and did hit return. To my surprise, I was prompted to log into Ancestry.

If I do log into Ancestry, then I can carry on. If I don’t, I can also carry on comparing people on the screen, but the moment I need to access Ancestry (eg to download images for a person that I am updatating in RM), then I am again prompted to log on. If I don’t, things will eventually hang.

It therefore appears that hitting return while the cursor is in the Treeshare index search box causes RM to log off from Ancestry. I can’t believe that this is an expected or desired action.


Believe it or not, it is very much an expected action, at least by RM devs. The general response to complaints is that you now don’t have to hit Enter. You are not the first to bring this up, nor will you likely be the last.

And if I remember right… :

including those Surnames that might contain the string

including those Surnames that might contain the string

I don’t think so. I think that the index has two modes

  1. On the side panel, in the people list screen, in the couples list screen and broadly anywhere where you are selecting a single person (eg as the head person for a descendant list or to add a relative to another person), the search box filters on anyone whose surname contains the string entered before a comma and whose first name contains the string entered after a comma

  2. In Treeshare, in FamilySearch person tools and anywhere where you are asked to construct a list (eg for colour coding, Gedcom export or producing an individual list) the search box does not filter the list, but takes you to the first person whose name starts with the string entered. (There may be other places where it acts in this way that I haven’t found yet.)


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