Adding a Personal Fact for my own purposes

I have created a new fact for myself in RM8 called Research Note. It has a date field so that I know when I added it (ex: 2021) and a description box.
When I print a family group sheet the Date (2021) prints but the description doesn’t. I would like the description to print, so that when I’m flipping through my notebook I can see that I need to do further research on that question. When the individual notes print (after the normal FGS) the Research is not listed at all.
So here is my dilemma - do I use just use the Note box and forget about the description box and just use the Research date in the FGS?
Hopefully this makes sense. If it doesn’t and you think you can help me, please ask questions and maybe between us we can make it clearer.
My purpose for this fact is to flag the FGS and then when I find the answer or proof, I’ll make the necessary documentation and delete the research fact. If I don’t find the answer or proof - then the Research fact will be there if any of my kids decide to continue on with my work when I’m gone. I have set it to not be included in a gedcom or anywhere else to mess things up. It will be only in my files.

Would the inbuilt Research Notes suit your needs with the options checked or unchecked?

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Hello @NickiZ.
I suspect that your new fact type is missing a suitable sentence template.

You could study some of the provided fact type sentence templates and perhaps find one to copy and edit for your purpose, but probably better in the long-run will be to go to RM8 help Wiki and learn how to create senetence templates from scratch.

To that end:

From any page in RootsMagic8 (RM8) select the three vertical dots at top right of the page.

Select Help.

In the Wiki search box near the top right type the search key create new fact type and select the magnifying-glass icon.

Samples of text from found references will be displayed.

Select Fact Types at the top of the samples.

Now you have some serious study to do and I recommend following any links to other relevant sections of the Wiki to get the full picture on this topic.

Thanks Ronbu - I’ll give that a try.

I have decided that since my Research note fact is temporary that I’ll just use the Date block to list the year I made the note and then add any comments to the Note block. That’s the easiest way to get the information to print on the FGS.
As to getting any information to print on the FGS table, I’m headed over to make a suggestion on another thread.

I use new facts as described by the original poster all the time. I obviously have them set not to print in things like narrative reports I distribute at family reunions. I also suspect that the failure to print the Description field in the FGS is due to no sentence template being defined for the fact, or if it’s defined the sentence template perhaps doesn’t include the [Desc] variable.

I find new facts such as this much easier to use and much more powerful than other techniques you can use in RM such as research notes and the whole RM8 Tasks mechanism. I think of such new facts as dummy facts, but you can think of them any way you wish. Such a fact can be searched via the standard searching dialog you can use for people. It can be used to effect color coding and create groups. It can be displayed as columns in People View. And when RM8 eventually supports Custom Reports, it will be fully supported by Custom Reports. Finally, such a fact can even be exported successfully in GEDCOM and then imported into other genealogy software if you wish.

Ok - one more try. I have tried to change the sentence - that didn’t work. Is there any way to get the Fact Items: Note to print in the sentence?

You can print or not print the description field by including the [Desc] variable in the sentence or not.

There is no [Note] variable corresponding to the {Desc] variable. Therefore, there is nothing you can do in the sentence to print the note or not print the note. Instead, printing the note or not is an option in the dialog for printing the report. The only options are print all notes for all facts or print no notes for any facts.

I included the [Desc] variable in the sentence but on the FGS notes it doesn’t print the sentence, only the notes. On the FGS table it doesn’t print anything but a blank line. On the Individual report it prints the sentence but not the note. I just want the Fact to print the sentence somewhere on the FGS - either in the notes or on the table - I would prefer the table, but I’ll take it on the notes if that’s the only place I can get it.