Personalized Facts - how to get them to print on FGS

I have noticed that on the FGS table the only items printing for each fact are the date and place. Is there a way or can we add a way that a description or details can print on that table.
Ex: I have two personalized facts that I have created - Ref # and findagrave.
Ref #: is my own number for each relative in my line 1 is me, 2 is my father, 3 is my mother - and so on and so forth. For my husband’s line Z1 is my husband, Z2 is his father, Z3 is his mother, etc. This helps me with my filing process outside of the program. I have gotten this number to print after the individuals name - no problem. But on the table, it becomes another line - with no information in it.
Findagrave Fact: I use the description block to list the memorial number on for easy reference if I (or anyone else) wants to go look it up. This creates a blank line on the table as well. Also, it does not show up in the notes anywhere on the FGS.
I’m noticing that Details or Descriptions do not show up anywhere on the FGS reports. What’s the point of having Details or Descriptions if they don’t show up on the reports?

Dunno where you mean regarding Details but, as was touched upon in the other thread about this (please don’t create confusing duplicate threads thanks)… Description is a field used in the Fact sentence templating scheme which appears in other report(s). FGS has always only been composed of name index data (variations of name only or name and birth or name, birth and death. And then the place index data which is no place name or just place name or reverse place name. Maybe the Fact List > People with a fact type can serve your aim?

Sorry, didn’t mean to make a confusing duplicate.