Personalized Facts not printing

With Rootsmagic7 I created a couple of personal Facts. The main one I’m asking about is one I set up for to record the memorial number.
I just printed out my first Family Group Sheet and there a couple people on the list that have the title - but no information in the box. What do I need to do to get it to print? It is important to the way I do research.

Check the Fact Type definition to see if you have the Description enabled, assuming that is where you put the info in RM7. If it was not enabled after import but was in RM7, that would be a flaw in the import. And, if it was not enabled, you would not see the value in the Edit Person screen.

It comes up on the Edit person screen - it doesn’t print when I print a Family Group Sheet. It prints the fact - just not the information input for the fact.
When I created the fact I used the description field - because it isn’t a date or place. Was that maybe the wrong way to set it up? It doesn’t give me any other options. Also, all the boxes are checked as to where to include it. Maybe, it’s a bug that I need to let them know about?

Sounds like a bug. If you have enabled the Description field and enabled output to reports for that fact type, it should output the value of the Description field along with the Fact Label which you are seeing.