REF # details not printed on Family Group Sheets

The ahnentafel numbers that I enter in the “ref #” field for each person are not printed on the Family Group Sheets. What have I done to cause this? It is a most essential pars of my filing system.

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Nothing. RM8 is not currently reporting Description field content like RM7 did.

Have you checked General Settings to see if the display option is set to show REFN? I am assuming this is what you mean by ref # field. I have found that the reports print the number that is set here. I usually change the setting to None as I don’t like to see any number displayed with a person in my reports but using the ahnentafel is interesting.

Thanks for your response, but I did mean Ref # not REFN. It is one of the many items in the long list of Fact Types list when the big + is selected for a person.
I choose to display the FSID, then I can easily access people in FamilySearch. Another person has told me that such items are not printed - I will look into that now.

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Thanks Kevin - that is bad news . I guess I have to take it up with RM8 folks.

The REFN is the number that comes from the fact Ref # and it will be displayed as the number next to the person’s name in reports if REFN is chosen as the display option in settings. John is correct, that a description is not printed.

Good Morning Alaine,
Many thanks for your explanation. I now understand that either the FSID or the REFN can be displayed next to a name. The problem is that I find both codes essential. The answer to my problem is to use the “Other” slot instead.

Hi Mervyn; Did you take this up with RootsMagic and get any response? I have a custom Fact Type for the Find A Grave Memorial ID number that uses the Description field to store the data. They print on a narrative report because I defined a sentence, but not on a Family Group Sheet (even though the empty field is printed). Thanks! Stan

Thanks for getting in touch. I now understand that the contents of Ref# can only be printed in brackets after a person’s name and not with other facts. I have chosen to use the Place field of Other instead. This is because I want the FSID next to the person and the contents of the Other field for filing and identification purposes. Mervyn