Accessing the contents of the Fact Note field

In RM8 (as in RM7) there appears to be no option to access the contents of the Fact Note field in a role sentence (using something like [Note] ).

The Note field is included in the Gedcom exported from RM8, and post-processors such as GedSite can access the Note text and include it in their role sentences.

Has anyone found a way to access the Note field in RM8? Would there be any interest in an enhancement request for something like [Note] in Fact sentence templates in RM8?

Cheers JohnJ.

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There is no explicit way to access RM8’s Note field for sentences in reports. The only access to the Note field is the same as in RM7. Namely, if you don’t exclude the Note field from reports, it’s included in reports automatically. The note is included at the end of the rest of the sentence for a fact, after the citation superscripts. This is an all or nothing selection for all notes.

I would love to see a [Note] variable added to RM. The main benefit for me would be that I have several fact types whose only purpose is to display a note. Such notes look pretty ugly in printed reports because they are preceded by their citation superscripts rather than being followed by their citation superscripts.

I think the transition to a version of RM that included a [Note] variable could be tricky. RM itself would need to add the [Note] variable to all it’s sentences. Then all users who had user defined fact types or who had customized the built-in fact types would need to add the [Note] variable to all or most of their sentences.

GedSite does an excellent job of importing RM’s GEDCOM, including that it will import and use RM’s sentence template information and it will import and retain RM’s shared facts. However, I came to realize pretty early on in my use of GedSite that sentences for my printed reports as produced by RM were not the best sentences to display on my Web pages as created by GedSite. So I don’t use RM’s sentences in GedSite. Instead, I use GedSite’s sentence template language to produce sentences for my Web pages as created by GedSite. GedSite’s sentence template language does include the equivalent of a [Note] variable.