Adding the Note Information to a sentence in Share

When using Share there are 3 fields available - Name, Roll and Note. Is there a code name or way to be able to include the Note field into the sentence?
I would also like to be able to include the Note in other areas as well.

No, not at this time. I believe that it has been requested in the past, just not implemented.

There is no [Note] variable in the sentence template language. Instead, you can include all notes or exclude all notes as a report option for many reports. I think a [Note] variable would have been a better way to go. RM8 would have been the perfect opportunity to add this feature, but that ship has sailed.

I do understand that you are talking about the note associated with the role instead of the note associated with the fact. But it’s the same principle: the note for the role will be included in reports if all notes are included in reports, and vice versa.

The note in the role will be printed in the narrative for the person with whom the role has been shared. For example, if your role for the Birth fact is Midwife and if you include a note with the Midwife role, then that note will print in the narrative for the midwife who attended the birth, not with narrative for the person with the Birth fact.

Yes, it’s another of the famously old requests. Migrants from The Master Genealogist were particularly distressed because it had rich sentence template support of notes. I think a Note could be segmented with “||” and TMG had a sentence template variable that could pick out any number of the first 10 segments.

Thank you everyone for your replies. Shame it has not been incorporated as a feature in the program as I can think of many instances where I would like the information incorporated in the sentence rather than separated from the item at the end of a report.

At the moment I have a fact called DNA where I then use the Share function to record my DNA matches and in notes the cM amount, etc. for each shared match. The advantage for me is that I don’t have 50 separate entries under my name, but an easy to find list of my matches and the match has an entry under their name, but unfortunately, little information without being able to include the notes.
Please RootsMagic add this simple item.

Are we talking about the same thing? You can have witness notes (I call them role notes) and they are printed in reports without needing a [Note] variable. I may not be understanding the request.

Hello jerry,

I am talking about you have a fact and then under that fact their is the Share option under which you have a choice of Name (Person), Role (I think it is also called Witness Roll) and Notes.
When I find a DNA Match I use the Label DNA Match for them and then record details of the match in Notes. So, under my name I can see list of all the matches and click on any one of them and get the details, however, when you go to the DNA Match that information is not transferred to the fact under the match’s name. This is just one instance where I would like to be able to incorporate short notes into the sentence. Hope that makes it clearer for you, if not I’ll send you an actual example.

Apart from that I usually prefer to have the notes kept with the fact, rather than at the end of a report, especially a longer report. It would be great to actually have the choice of notes kept with the fact or together at the end of Reports.

I’m not following you and it seems to me that everything you are asking for already exists. So I need screen shots.

Tabular reports such as Individual Summary and Family Group Sheet simply have inadequate cell space for Notes and therefore are necessarily after the table. Narrative reports have the space and fact/event notes, if included at all, are always immediately following the fact sentence, never as a footnote or endnote.

I think you are wishing for the fact sentence preview area in the Edit Person screen to incorporate the fact Note.

A workaround for you would be to copy the required info from the fact note into the the customised fact sentence for each instance of that type of act. It won’t come out in tabular reports but will in narratives, independently of the option to include notes. You could frame that extra content in privacy braces so you have the option to suppress it in the narrative.