Access violation crash

RM8 (Mac, Big Sur 11.6, RM8 is crashing with an access violation - it’s happened 3 times in the last 2 days. Sometimes it seems that a report is sent to RM however just now the “sending report” status just sat there spinning. What can I do to help isolate the fault?

Cheers … John.

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I would suggest going to the RM Support site. Yesterday, there was a button that I clicked on to submit an issue. That generated a ticket.

Today, the screen shows a chat box – but there currently isn’t anyone online for the chat. If it was me, I would enter the issue in the chat window and send it.

NOTE: There is a link to the support page from within RM8. On the home page, there is a ‘Help and Support’ section with the link.

I had to create a user ID / password for the support site, but I can get back and see the status of my ticket.

It will be most helpful to the RM staff if you can outline the tasks you were doing when the access violation occurred.

(Putting your RM file in dropbox or other cloud service will cause this type of violation. I try to remember to pause Dropbox which prevents this type of issue.)

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Well designed bug prevents sending an error report to Rootsmagic. My Catalina mac just spins endlessly. The perfect bug–can’t report it and it has persisted for months.

@Johnj_au During the Preview stage we were assured that the spinning wheel after submitting reports had actual sent the error report.
Then, as now, you have to force quit RM8 on your Mac to get out of it.
Thankfully, over time during the preview there were fewer and fewer instances of needing to do this.

I have the exact same issue on my Mac with the Access violation crash followed by the spinning wheel when it is trying to send the report.

I’m interested in how to prevent the access violation in the first place. There were earlier RM7/Windows reports about having the default printer set to PDF but that doesn’t apply in my case as I have a physical printer set as the default printer.

John, I have the exact same problem, also running Big Sur 11.6.
It happens frequently. I’m hoping it gets better soon.

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Access Violations can be from many causes including local computer hardware/software configuration.

Renee Zamora (RM Support and FB Group Admin) has posted the reply hundreds of times:

RM Support are the only ones who can truly investigate why an Access Violation occurred. - or offer ways to prevent them.

Yet I would not hold out much hope in getting anything but a generic response from RM Support on it - that is the response will be the article above. If RM Support identify a high frequency of Access Violations occurring from a specific thing in many users, then developers can work on resolving that specific issue.


As I only bought RM8 for Mac today, I thought the ‘access violations’ were my fault. Managed to import my gedcom but trying to enter a new record, I just don’t seem to be able to enter any details for a marriage, apart from getting it to say the couple were married. How on earth do you enter date, place etc as I can’t Whatever I try. Am beginning to regret buying it.

Three access violations today & only just bought it. Was so happy to find a version for MAC but am wondering if it actually works properly.

Re your marriage date / place:
Once you have added the marriage (by using the +, selecting marriage, and the spouse)
select the marriage fact and the detail pane over on the right shows the dates, places, sources, notes etc
click/select and start typing.

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I have decided not to proceed with RM8 under Mac for now because of the constant stream of access violations and the concern my data may be corrupted.

Back in the day I had the same issue with the Mac version of RM7 and switched to RM7 under Windows because of that. I haven’t tried RM8 under Windows, but feel RM8 just isn’t production-ready.

So I plan to go back to my trusted RM7 under Windows and hope RM8 (which clearly has potential to be a big improvement on RM7) get’s brought up the standard required.

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Thank you very much for the response. I only get the Sentence field showing on the right hand side. The entry fields don’t appear . First time of responding so hope this works.

Thanks for the response. Let’s hope it is soon working 100%. Do you use a windows pc to view Windows RM7 or are you viewing it on the MAC?

Try widening the panel on the rhs and then clicking and dragging the three dots above the sentence down to reveal the bits I showed (I hope)

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Further to my earlier reply, I’ve just been fiddling & I have now found there are hidden fields above the ‘Sentence’ one that it has finally allowed me to access. I have to have the mouse in one particular spot or it just won’t work.Then also discovered I need to be in full screen mode to see sliders & to enter the date but finally…I have it working. I thought I was pretty ok with databases, as have been using them for years but this one is a bit of a lulu. Thanks again for your help.

Thanks Lorna. That is what I managed to do eventually…not sure if it is the programme or my magic mouse that is pinickity & insists on it being in the exact spot for it to work.

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What do you mean by pausing DropBox? Have you gotten past the access violations? Does. pausing really work?

Sorry about being so late to this subject but I just don’t follow this system and only browse the subjects very occasionally for those that might be interesting or relevant to me.

I am not on a Mac but on an old Windows 7 system and have only been playing with RM8, would not trust my databases on RM8 yet with these access violations, all through preview and up through the most recent patch-up.

I use 4 regular databases each day and through a sequence of iconizations and closings I can make it access violate pretty much any time I want to. Each time during Beta I reported them (first in Dec-2020 using Google Forms method) and up until today with an internal Pop-up Window.

So since we are connected at least by Access Violations I will report this here too.

Hope it is easier to follow than it was to uncover and write:

Open 4 databases - A/B/C/D. Iconize B/C/D in that order (ions in the lower left of the desktop). Iconize A and all icons go from the desktop into the single taskbar icon. Then restore A (one click and all databases restore). Close database A and select either Backup or Skip Backup (no difference). B now inherits the dominate database status. Check for an all-white window, that was formally A I assume, now just residue. X it out and there is an Unexpected Error Acc-Vio pop-up/reporting window.
Second Iteration:
Iconize Databases C/D (into the desktop), then iconize B > (all into the Taskbar). Restore and all 3 databases are displayed and B is dominate. Iconize C/D (goes into the desktop). Iconize B (all into the Task Bar). Restore B and all remaining databases show up. Iconize C/D, and among the remaining windows there may be another white window. X it and it tells you ‘I already reported this, restart RootsMagic’. Then iconize the D window followed by the window for C (D into the Desktop, C the taskbar). Restore and all databases are displayed and C is dominate.

Rinse and repeat.

One of the ‘restored windows’ is a white, completely blank window where one of the eliminated databases used to reside. Depending on where we are in the close up cycles there can be up to 3 white blanks. These white windows can be iconized into the desktop and restored (still white). Placement seems to imply which former database occupied these remnants.

Early-on (in Beta testing) this used to provide some address details, not today. There are two buttons, Send Error Report and Don’t Send.


Av crashes is a windows memory violation feature ported to the mac with many triggers. Macs don’t have this problem except that rm8 violates so many mac os behaviours which we all thought were requirements to run at all as to “impress”.